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Introducing … Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Michael Feierabend


Having recently been accused of being a proud father, I simply have to plead ‘guilty’!   You see, last weekend I had the distinct privilege of walking my youngest daughter, Monica, down the long aisle to be united in holy matrimony to Jon Feierabend.  In doing so, I found myself flooded with the most intense emotions.

Love.  Hope.  Anxiety.  Joy.

I had been praying for Jon for years, although I didn’t know his name until recently.  Even before Monica was born, I began asking God to provide the perfect spouse for our perfect little baby.  It isn’t every day that I get to see the answer to my prayers walk through the door on two legs, but you can understand how thrilled I was when I finally met Jon.

Right now, as Monica, Jon and I see some of our biggest dreams come true, I’m drawn to ponder the future.  Are there new dreams I need to pursue?   Old dreams I could revive?  Today’s joy inspires me with renewed hope for many tomorrows.Quote box2

What about you?  Is there a big dream stirring deep within your soul?  Don’t let it die the bitter death of neglect.

I stand with you in eager anticipation of what God has in store for your future.

Your friend,


Kent Stroman, CFRE

America’s ASKing Coach

PS:  Please take a moment to share a dream fulfilled … or still in the making.  I’d love to hear from you.

Photo courtesy of Holly Gannett Photography.

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