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Success stories from the 15-Day Sprint…

Last week my team and I led the Asking Academy SUMMIT with a select group of eager new Conversational Fundraisers™.  We had a blast getting to know each other and, after two full days of hands-on learning, I knew they were equipped and well on their way to achieving their ASKing goals.  When The SUMMIT ended, they launched into our 15-Day Sprint to implement their new skills.

Asking Academy Logo SMALLPerhaps you recall the story I shared a few weeks ago of Gina and her team.  They enrolled in the Asking Academy  last summer and have seen an exponential increase in their donations.  I love to see the success of our clients and can’t wait to see what our newest graduates accomplish.

In fact, we’ve already heard positive results from one team as they applied just one specific skill learned during the Asking Academy.  We received this synopsis when they were presented with a little check a little too early:

 What to do?  It was a check already promised.  Do we accept it anyway?  Then I remembered one of our lessons from the Asking Academy.  I acknowledged her gift and thanked her sincerely for her continued support, but I focused on the fact that this was not the moment to reach for a check and do the happy dance.  Instead, I reminded her of the purpose of my visit and that when I originally called, I said I had a request to ask of her which was a very important question but had nothing to do with money.  She said she remembered, but she also said she ‘knew this meeting would eventually be about money, so I brought a check anyway.'”

They continued their conversation in a more personally engaging way and the donor was so surprised she eagerly accepted an invitation to learn more about future projects at the organization.

I’m always excited to hear about donors giving in new, very personal ways instead of just writing checks.  If you’re at all interested, please let me know.  I’d love to make the Asking Academy become a reality for your organization.  It truly is an experience like none other, and I know it will be well worth your investment.


Kent Stroman, CFRE





America’s ASKing Coach

PS: Is your organization is looking for a proven way to raise more money? If so there’s still time to register for the next Asking Academy.  Call (918) 914-2800 today for all the details.

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