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Guest Post: Are you an expert…

…on any topic under the sun?

Guest post from Kathy Wright, Chief Operating Officer for the Institute of Conversational Fundraising

I work part time as an editor for CharityChannel Press (the publisher of Kent’s book, Asking about Asking and soon to be published The Intentional Board) and For the Genius Press.

cff614d7-554e-40f2-8629-039b90b2a00aFor the Genius Press is looking for authors to add to the growing list of “For the Genius” books. No Dummies or Idiots guides here. GENIUS books are written by experts for people who know a little – or even a LOT – about a topic, but want to learn more. They are intended: For the Genius in all of us™. The style is first person, upbeat, conversational, and easy to read.

Recently published:

  • Retiring for the GENIUS, by Marc S. Freedman
  • Caregiving for the GENIUS, by Jane Barton
  • Parenting for the GENIUS, by Amy Alamar and Stephanie Rafanelli
  • Fundraising for the GENIUS, by Linda Lysakowski

In the works:

  • Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS, by Linda G. Nowell
  • Wine For the GENIUS,  by Yves de Boisredon
  • Modern Sewing for the GENIUS, by Ellen Lumpkin Brown
  • Public Speaking for the GENIUS, by Anne Freedman

f39a1f53-bf72-479a-8a53-3c4c056e3572You get the idea. If you want to write for us, email me your idea (we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts). Learn more about the publishers here: For the Genius PressCharityChannel Press.

What will YOU write about??

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Kathy Wright

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