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Who believes in you?

One of the more amazing examples of leadership in the face of great odds and pressure is that of Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister before and during World War II. Over the years, I’ve learned about Churchill and his story. I was listening to a program recently where some scholars were discussing this great figure of history.

One of them mentioned that “when Churchill stood in front of a mirror, there were times where it seemed he was the only person who believed in him and his leadership.” I was struck by this statement. How could he keep going in the face of such opposition? Were there times that Churchill didn’t even believe in himself?

I believe he must have had a strong self-belief. He held firm to his convictions and his mission. What a powerful example!

What about people we, ourselves, believe in? Maybe your CEO, board chair, or even your direct supervisor is someone of excellence who has earned your respect and confidence. Have you let them know how you feel? I believe it is important that we faithfully relay our belief and support to those who we stand behind.

Leadership is often a lonely endeavor, but it doesn’t need to be
. A kind word of support can go a long way and have a bigger impact than you could ever imagine.

Belief is a powerful thing. We shouldn’t be afraid to express our belief in ourselves and in others.

Who do you believe in? I challenge you to let them know before this week ends.

Your friend,

Kent Stroman

America’s ASKing Coach

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