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Just getting by? Here’s why we miss our target.

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut?  Working overtime but simply spinning your wheels and not getting ahead?

Don’t despair.  You’re not alone.  And there is hope.

At one time or another virtually every organization – whether for profit or charitable – goes flat.  Generally the cause can be traced to one of these four reasons:

“Were tired.”  Fundraising isn’t an easy task.  And many nonprofits are volunteer-driven.  While we are thankful for the willingness of volunteers, sometimes we experience weariness.  We get tired.  They get tired.  And we all have other things to do.  It seems easier to “just get by” and let somebody down the line worry about the numbers.

“We‘re doing OK.  Last year’s results allowed us to perform well enough, so we don’t have to try anything new.  This kind of thinking is toxic!  “Getting by” is not sufficient; the goal is to reach your full potential.  When we let “OK” become “good enough,” we fall into a rut.

“We settle.”  When presented with two good options, our mind is predisposed to an either/or choice.  We pick between the two without even considering “and.”  In doing so we select a safe, acceptable alternative rather than breaking free and charting new possibilities.

We don’t know how.”  Sometimes it comes down to not being equipped with the right tools and knowledge to grow the amount of funds raised each year.  We realize the potential is there, but we don’t know what steps to take.

Check back next week for Asking Academy testimonials!

Check back next week for Asking Academy testimonials!

How about you?  Do any of these reasons strike you as familiar?  Next week I’ll share a handful of powerful strategies for overcoming these issues and raising the funds necessary to meet your mission.

I can’t wait to tell the rest of the story.



Kent Stroman, CFRE

America’s ASKing Coach

PS:  Need help in reaching your highest goals?  Call us.  We’ve helped countless charities achieve what they thought to be impossible.  We’d love to do the same for you.

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  1. Kent, you ALWAYS inspire me! This is a great message for me. I do get lazy. I get sidetracked with the administration of my position. My days fly by, but not because I am fundraising. I do more friend raising and program development than fundraising. They hired me to do the fundraising! I better get back to my real BUSINESS!

    Thanks for helping me.

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