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Don’t take my word, ask Wayne King

“I’m not sure we can afford The Asking Academy.”
My team and I have heard this before … and it’s a common concern.  Your budget is carefully calculated and managed, and before committing to a larger investment of time and resources, you want to know that the investment is going to be worth it.
I understand those concerns all too well, and with my background in finance, I’m even more appreciative of a budget than most!  But I have to ask this question:  
Can you afford NOT to develop the skills within yourself, your staff, and your volunteers that will lead to an abundance of future success?  
Regardless of the size or sophistication of your organization, your team deserves to be fully equipped to do their job.
After attending The Asking Academy, my friend Wayne King described his experience as “absolutely essential to being successful.” This high praise, from someone with Wayne’s track record of fundraising success, is hard to beat!  (Catch more of Wayne’s comments in this short video clip.)
Your investment of time and money is important.  But, even if you were to only raise the amount you spent on attending, your investment would be well worth it!  And keep this in mind: we’ve never had anyone implement The Asking Academy formula and only achieve minimal results.  Instead, our graduates go on to achieve historic success.
If you’re undecided about devoting resources to developing your fundraising staff and volunteers, please don’t hesitate.  They deserve the opportunity to learn and practice the skills necessary to fully fund your mission.
Call today to find out how the Asking Academy can leverage your success.
Your friend,
PS:  To get started, call (866) 787-6626 now.
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