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Can you name your 3 Ds?

When we hear the words “3D”, what first comes to mind is the term three dimensional. When something/someone is three dimensional, it is well rounded with great depth. Like a character in a movie.
My 3Ds have a similar application. They help make an organization well rounded and with great depth. The 3Ds are:
  • Direction – which way should we be moving?
  • Destination – where are we going, and how will we know when we’re there?
  • Duration – how long should this take?


Every organization should be able to answer these questions with confidence, because every board should make it a priority to address these questions carefully. The 3 Ds are solely the responsibility of the board. Neglecting to answer them or failing to do so can have significant and damaging consequences for the long-term health of an organization.
At your next board meeting, it would be wise to explore these questions. If there is any uncertainty, then something is wrong and should be addressed. The answers to the 3 Ds should be reflected in your organization’s case statement, your long-term strategic plan, and on the “about” page on your website.
Can your board answer these questions?

America’s ASKing Coach

PS: Keep an eye out for a BIG announcement soon!

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