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1 thing you HAVE to do in 2018 . . .

If you’re involved in fundraising in any capacity and want to dramatically improve your results this year, there’s one thing you MUST do.  Are you ready?

Create well-defined, measurable goals.


Now is the time for making resolutions and setting goals.  One of the most important parts of goal setting is to choose specific, measurable targets.

What does that look like in fundraising?

I’ll use special events as an example.  Let’s say your goal for this year is to make your annual gala a wildly successful fundraiser and not just a successful event.  That sounds great, but how can we make it happen?

First, let’s define what wildly successful looks like:

  • How much money did the event raise last year (net of expenses)?

  • How many people attended?

  • How many new donors were introduced to the organization?

  • How many volunteers supported the event?

  • What was our publicity profile?

  • How do the numbers compare to previous years?  (This information should be easy to gather.  If you don’t know the answers, how can you measure success?)

Select your targets and set goals that will make a meaningful difference for your organization.

 Your goal statement might look like this:

“The #1 area I am seeking to improve this year is ______________.  The key metrics are as follows:  Last year’s numbers were ______________, and this year’s goal is __________________.”   

Fill in the blanks and measure your progress at least monthly to see how you are doing.  Don’t forget to celebrate every success as you achieve it!

Are you willing to take the challenge?  If so, another important step is to create accountability:

  • Who knows about your goals?

  • Who should know about your goals?

  • Who will hold you responsible for reaching the goals?

If you don’t have someone else to turn to, I’d love to help.  Please don’t hesitate to call.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

 Your friend,


Kent Stroman

America’s ASKing Coach


PS:  Not in fundraising?  You can still create measurable goals to make 2018 one of your best years ever.  I’d love to know what you hope to achieve over the next 12 months!

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